FC Prime was created with a vision to serve the needs of dedicated and committed players with aspirations of playing college or professional soccer.

Through our “Prime” player first philosophy we provide a consistent everyday training environment. Our curriculum emphasizes age specific technical skills combined with tactical decision making to ensure our players can play at the highest level.

The leadership and infrastructure at FC Prime provides our membership with the best and most organized club in the state. Our system encompasses a modern full-time directorship and efficient front office staff which is at the forefront of the soccer industry.

Our commitment to player development and style of play requires the appropriate playing surfaces. We are committed to providing the best possible facilities and resources to ensure we can deliver our Mission.

FC Prime prides itself on the many opportunities and experiences the club provides its players, as well as exposure through programming and events. Our leadership possesses a vast network of relationships to help our players with I.D programs, youth national teams, and college.

We provide the highest level of coaching with a modern approach to learning and teaching through creativity, collaboration, change, forward thinking and continuous education. Our aim is to posses the highest qualified staff in Florida and encourage our coaches to pursue higher licenses, so they stay relevant and current in their industry.

Through our limited player selection process, #TheFewThePrime, we are committed to only selecting the desired player pool and will not exceed more than 2 teams per age group. Using this methodology, we believe we can service the elite player, provide the best coaches, facilities, and resources to ensure our players maximizes their potential. This ensures the players of FC Prime to reach their goals.