FC Prime & Beyond Pulse Announce Partnership

FC Prime & Beyond Pulse Announce Partnership


Football Club Prime and Beyond Pulse are happy to announce a new partnership for the 2018/2019 season. Beyond Pulse is the ultimate soccer coaching diagnostic tool, empowering coaches with critical health data, resulting in better training, improved player health and performance.

With just a Beyond Pulse Smart Belt and simple Coaching App, Beyond Pulse provides teams with a clear interpretation and understanding of key health and performance indicators. The Beyond Pulse Belt tracks Heart Rate, Active Participation, Distance Covered, and Speed.

“Through my experience with Colleges & National Teams over the years I have seen first hand how impactful this type of data collection can be. I look forward to holding the players accountable with concrete data and providing our athletes with every opportunity to understand their performance.” - Tricia Taliaferro, FC Prime Director of Coaching

In addition to tracking heart rate and distance for each athlete, Beyond Pulse is also able to track “active participation,” which is a unique indicator specially designed for youth soccer, calculating energy expenditure for a clear picture on how active each player was during the session. All this data is available to the coaches immediately after the session.

This data can be used to support the continued development of both players and coaches from educational and health perspectives. With a primary goal of wanting to maximize players’ quality time on the field, Beyond Pulse can be used to help monitor coaching transitions from activity to activity and the length of coaching interventions. The platform is not only designed for coaches, but also provides Directors of Coaching with a club-wide management tool.