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The Mission of FC Prime is to harness the power of soccer to positively impact the lives of young athletes, and the community as a whole. FC Prime was created with the intent to drive young people toward success through sport. We see this come to fruition both on the field & in the classroom. Prime athletes can be described as refusing to accept mediocrity in their life. This culture is driven into every aspect of the club, and is carried on through our alumni who have gone on to be successful student athletes at the collegiate level.

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FC Prime has an illustrious history that began with the successful merger of three prominent soccer clubs: FC Prime, Sunrise SC, and Coral Springs United. This strategic union proved to be a turning point, propelling the club to new heights of success. Established as a dominant force in the Southeast, FC Prime rapidly earned a reputation for excellence in player development and college placements. Its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a strong soccer community has resulted in exceptional college placement success, making FC Prime a highly sought-after destination for aspiring players. Today, FC Prime stands tall as a symbol of achievement and excellence in the soccer landscape, leaving an indelible mark on South Florida

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